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I Can Put You in Your Dream Car for Less Than You Dreamed Possible

I Am the Leading Luxury Car Consultant/Broker in Southern California

Yes, that’s my reputation and I encourage you to let me prove it.

All I ask to get started is a 15-minute phone call which could be worth hundreds to thousands of dollars in savings to you.

Please Note: I only represent buyers and I don’t charge them anything. I only get paid if I can place you in the car of your choice, with the options you really need, at the lowest price. Yes, my business is “performance based” and I do receive a commission from the dealer but, the dealer would have to pay a commission anyway so there’s no upfront fees to you and we all win.

Kirk Dawson


Luxury Brands I Represent

My expertise is getting my clients the best deals in the industry on luxury cars. I built my reputation over 30 years and many of my clients have depended on me for decades. If you’re interested in buying or leasing a car, whether new or previously owned, please contact me and let me prove to you what I’ve already proven to thousands of other satisfied clients.

I’ll even help you save money on repairs, accessories and replacements like tires and wheels long after that exhilarating new car smell fades.

Consignment Or Purchase

Mostly, I help my clients buy the new car of their dreams but, I also help clients sell their current dream cars at the best price, in the shortest period of time, without having them go through a lot of hassle and aggravation. Because of my special arrangement with one of the leading “Previously Owned” dealerships in Newport Beach, you can consign your car and have it sold professionally by a leading dealership with a large list of buyers seeking previously owned, well- maintained, luxury vehicles.

If you choose, I can arrange to either buy your vehicle immediately or arrange a Consignment that will likely get you a higher price.

Why Smart Buyers Rely on a Broker Instead of the Dealership’s Sales Person

Simply stated, “I represent you… the sales person represents the dealer.” Who do you think will fight harder to get you the best price and make sure you only pay for the options and services you really need?



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