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Choosing the Right Luxury Vehicle

This is actually more complicated than you may think. Do you buy that flashy convertible you always craved or a more practical SUV to chauffer your kids to school? Do you buy it new or previously owned (if so, did you make sure it’s Certified by the Dealer) and maybe most important, do you choose the colors, performance options or comfort features that you want or your spouse wants? Then, when you finally find your dream car, do you lease or buy?

Whether to lease of buy raises a whole new set of questions and the wrong decision or choosing the wrong plan or company can result in hidden fees and higher interest rates.

This Month’s Featured Brand

I guess it’s only fair that I start with the 2019 Mercedes Benz E450 Coupe. Why? Because that’s the car I drive and it’s a real stunner. Not only for its good looks, high quality appointments, loaded standard features and Mercedes’ famous long list of safety equipment but, also for the amazing way it handles. This car is super quiet, the interior is total luxury and it has the best stereo, air conditioning and comfort features of any car I’ve owned… and that’s saying a lot. It also looks great just parked in front of my home or a fancy restaurant.

The 2021 model is even better. Just when you think a car can’t get any better, Mercedes always seems to raise the bar making its cars safer, better performing and looking great and, if you can believe it, a better value. I guess that’s why their resale value is so high so the total cost of ownership over the entire time you own it, is less than you might think.

Each month I’ll feature a new car. Of course, I can’t own them all but you can depend on me to thoroughly research all my recommendations.

Trusted Service Providers I Strongly Recommend


Save Time and Aggravation

Did you know the majority of dealers have fixed prices on these cars? That means no negotiating on price, it’s “take it or leave it” but I can still save you time and aggravation. That’s because instead of wasting time going up the ladder from sales person to manager, I’ll put you in direct contact with the General Manager who’ll treat you courteously and expedite the process… and even if you can’t negotiate a better price, I’ll still be able to save you money.

When you buy a Certified Previously Owned Vehicle through me, you’ll become part of my network of valued clients and I’ll get you discounts on future purchases of tires, special equipment, maintenance and detailing.  

In fact, I’ll give you a free certificate for your first detailing… that’s a $250 value. So, I can still save you money, even when the price of the car isn’t negotiable.