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Cars are my life. I eat, sleep and breathe cars. Even as a kid I was always attracted to cars. I subscribed to all the car magazines, read books, studied biographies of industry leaders and hung around dealerships admiring these fascinating machines longing for the day when I could actually drive mine off the lot. I admit it, cars were always my passion.

As a teenager and into my twenties, this passion grew into an obsession and then I turned my obsession into a successful profession working for Fletcher Jones Mercedes Benz in Newport Beach, CA for almost three decades. 

I think the reason for my success was not so much related to my knowledge of cars but, to my ability for helping customers share my passion and making sure the flame of that passion grew with every mile they drove.

My passion was so compelling that soon after I retired from Fletcher Jones, I realized how much I missed helping people choose the perfect vehicle, with the right options, that would bring them the joy and satisfaction they deserved for what is probably the second most expensive decision they would make after a home.

Speaking of homes, to me, the most important room in that house is not the kitchen or the bedroom… it’s the garage. Hey, I admitted I’m obsessed.

Today, I’m known as the “luxury car guy” but, I prefer “the luxury car guide” because that’s what I do for you. I guide you through the entire process from choosing a luxury car, the options you need, the expensive but unnecessary options you should avoid, the best ways to care for your “new pride and joy” after you buy it, and on ways to save the most money whether you choose to buy or lease.

Then, I’ll continue to work with you to save money over the years on tires, services, maintenance and car care products so you get the maximum resale value when you’re ready to sell or trade for your next new pride and joy.

No matter what brand or model of luxury car is right for you, whether you want a new car or a well-cared for previously loved model, I can help you get your vehicle of choice at the best price… guarantee. Why? Because I work for you… not the dealer or seller.

When you’re ready, call me first. Let me prove to you what true service to the buyer means even though you’ll get more and pay less.

Kirk Dawson